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Effective international communications for award-winning drinks company

Effective international communications for award-winning drinks company

25 Aug 2021

When renowned drinks brand Fever-Tree needed to communicate with an international market, it called upon the expertise of Intonation to translate its documentation.

The company, which has this year been awarded #1 Best Selling and Top Trending tonic by the World’s 50 Best Bars, sells tonic water and other mixers in over 60 countries worldwide.

Anita Hawk, Fever-Tree’s European Sales, and Marketing Manager believes that an accurate translation can prove essential. “While English is fairly widely spoken internationally, there are occasions when a professional and accurate translation is vital and is very much appreciated by the local markets,” she said.

“As a nation, we’re known for assuming everyone speaks English. However, the translation provided by Intonation means we now have faster communications with other nationalities and we’re able to confidently send documentation in languages that we don’t speak,” Anita added.

Both the process of working with Intonation and the results mean that Fever Tree would call upon Intonation in the future.

“The service we received was incredibly quick and efficient – from the first contact to receiving the translated document; in fact, it all happened within a week. This speed meant that our communication with the local market could continue with pace. Going forward, Intonation will definitely be our preferred supplier,” Anita said.

Rachael Warburton, Intonation’s General Manager, believes that professional translation should play a key role in a business’ international strategy, regardless of its size or industry sector.

Whether it’s a growing start up or a blue chip company, a business needs first class translations in order to have the edge on its competitors, communicate effectively with its clients and suppliers, and demonstrate its commitment to succeeding internationally.

It was a pleasure working with Fever-Tree and helping them improve their communication with international markets. Our extensive range of language services means we offer businesses everything from translated branding and packaging to marketing material and websites, helping them to launch and operate effectively in other countries.