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Website translation sparks greater market share for electronics firm

Website translation sparks greater market share for electronics firm

25 Aug 2021

A leading supplier to the professional electronics market has increased its market share in Europe thanks to the translation of its website from English into German.

Vero Technologies, which supplies electronic components and a range of electronics enclosure products and prototype components to customers primarily in the UK and Germany, has a large 500-page website in English.

But with Germany proving to be a lucrative market for electronics casings and prototype components, Vero Technologies wanted to ensure it didn’t miss out on major opportunities available to them.

“Our existing customers and those working through distributors would accommodate using a website in English. But we knew that if we wanted to increase our penetration in the German market and increase our distribution, we needed to provide a German version of the site,” said Vero’s Sales Manager.

So, Vero Technologies began looking for a translation company that had the capability to translate technical English into technical German.

“Although we had commissioned translation work before, we had never worked with Intonation. However, we were impressed by their portfolio of technical clients and confident that they were the right company to handle a project of this size,” Vero’s Sales Manager adds.

Out of the 500 pages on the Vero Technologies website, 400 are individual product pages. Initially, around 100 pages were translated, including; trading terms, category pages, and about us.

Due to the success of the initial translations and the ease of working with Intonation, Vero said they are now looking at translating the product pages too.

Since the translated site went live in Germany, Vero Technologies regularly sees new customers coming on board and receive positive feedback from both customers and distributors. The success of the model means the company is now looking to translate it into other languages.

“The translation process was very professional and straightforward. We provided Intonation with the text, they clarified questions over the phone or via email and then presented us with the translated information which was in a usable format. That’s why we’ve decided to roll out the translation of the individual product pages,” said Vero’s Sales Manager.

Rachael Warburton, Intonation’s Operations Manager, believes that when dealing with foreign markets, having a professionally translated website shouldn’t be underestimated.

Your website needs to rank highly in search engines but more importantly, you are wanting to give your website visitors a good user experience that encourages them to convert, come back and tell others.

Due to the technical nature of Vero Technologies’ products, accurate and careful translation was essential, making Intonation’s skilled translators an excellent choice for the job. At Intonation we only use mother-tongue translators which ensures all our translations are both grammatically correct and take cultural differences into consideration. The result was professionally translated web pages, which has been reflected in a greater market share for Vero Technologies.