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As well as providing traditional translation and interpreting services, many of our clients use our multimedia translation services.

multimedia translation services

Transcription Services

Transcription is the art of ensuring the spoken word is accurately converted into the written word. At Intonation, we provide audio transcription services for a wide variety of industries, such as law, medicine and manufacturing. Our team of skilled experts are experienced language professionals and are equipped to transcribe a variety of materials.

Transcription Services
Multilingual Typesetting

Multilingual Typesetting & Desktop Publishing

Documents can often look very different in other languages. But with our desktop publishing (DTP) service, we’ll take care of everything from formatting, fonts to the direction and flow of messaging – all in a way that works locally while maintaining the style and branding of the original document.


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Video Subtitling

Subtitling involves the translation of any speech into a written, visual format, usually within a film or video. Subtitles are extremely useful and can help people that might have hearing difficulties, as well as people with foreign language backgrounds to understand the spoken dialogue. At Intonation we provide a range of subtitling services for your needs.

Multimedia - video subtitling
Multimedia voiceover talking


Whether you require broadcast, corporate, e-learning or any other foreign language voiceover services, Intonation can help. We use only professional voice talent and have a variety of voiceover options available to suit your requirements, for a wide range of media specific projects.

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