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Boost business by learning a language

Boost business by learning a language

1 May 2015

From building better relationships to enhancing your CV, knowing a second language can bring countless benefits to your success in the corporate world, not to mention being an invaluable life skill.

But why is learning a language so important in today’s business world and what are the benefits? We work in an increasingly globalised and competitive economy, so there’s never been a more important time to have an edge on your competitors. Being able to communicate in multiple languages can provide that edge, ensuring you don’t lose out to your multilingual competitors.

Much of business is done with people we know and like. So building long-lasting relationships is the key to success. Communicating with international clients or colleagues in their language will strengthen and enhance those relationships, providing a more solid foundation for doing business in the future.

There’s no denying that learning a language takes time, effort, and expense. But to get you up and running, here are five of our top language learning tips:

1) Connected context: don’t try and learn vocabulary parrot-fashion. Instead, think up realistic scenarios and build your vocabulary lists based on those. You’re far more likely to remember the words when they’re linked to a personal experience or relevant situation.

2) Do it daily: practicing your newly-acquired language skills once a week won’t work. You need to incorporate a foreign language into your daily life – through reading, speaking or writing – to help your brain accept it.

3) Forget perfect: making mistakes is all part of learning a language. Losing the fear of getting it wrong will help you embrace your learning rather than be embarrassed or scared about slipping up.

4) Go for goals: regular reminders about why you’re learning a new language and the benefits it brings will keep you focused, motivated, and on track when the going gets tough.


5) On course: enrolling on a professional language course, such as the ones run by our sister company Language Studies International designed especially for business people means you learn from expert teachers and mix with like-minded language learners.

Being able to communicate in another language is one thing, professional translation is another. So if you’ve got a translation services, interpretation or transcription project which needs an expert approach, contact Intonation today on 01329 828438 or email