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Our Website Transformation Journey

Our Website Transformation Journey

9 Nov 2023

Following a rebrand in 2022, the next step was to align our digital presence with the core of our identity. Collaborating closely with ICG, our sister company renowned for strategic marketing excellence, we’ve crafted a website that is not just a new look but a complete digital transformation.

This collaboration has resulted in the launch of our revamped website, a digital embodiment that mirrors the essence of who we are at Intonation. Leveraging ICG’s expertise in strategic design and user experience, our new website goes beyond a mere facelift; it’s a holistic transformation that brings our brand to life, right at your fingertips.

Our new website isn’t just aesthetically pleasing with its increased use of brand colours and sleek design; it’s a hub of functionality designed with you, our client, in mind.

Let’s delve into these features

Instant Price Calculator

In the spirit of transparency and efficiency, we’ve introduced an intuitive price calculator. A few simple inputs – the language combination and word count – and voilà, you receive an estimated price for your translation needs. This tool is the fruit of extensive development efforts, aimed at empowering you with quick, transparent pricing, especially when time is of the essence or when preliminary budgeting is required.

Streamlined Quote Request

Our revamped ‘Request a Quote’ form is the epitome of simplicity to ensure sending us your enquiries is as straightforward as it gets.

Seamless Navigation to Key Specialisms

Discovering our areas of expertise has never been easier. Our website now guides you smoothly to the services most relevant to your needs, showcasing our specialisms with clarity and ease.

Engaging Graphics and Videos

To provide a glimpse into the vibrant culture at Intonation and to reinforce your confidence in our team, we’ve included an engaging new video that showcases the dedication and spirit of our people.

Experience the Intonation Difference

We invite you to explore the new website and immerse yourself in the Intonation experience. It’s an opportunity to get to know us better, to meet the real people behind our brand, and to understand the passion and precision we bring to every project.

As always, we’re here to assist you with any questions or translation needs. But now, with our digital evolution, we hope to provide you with an even more accessible and informative journey through the world of professional translation services.