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St John’s College gives Intonation top marks for face-to-face support

St John’s College gives Intonation top marks for face-to-face support

11 Aug 2021

St John’s College in Southsea discovered that Intonation was on its doorstep and so a meeting was arranged to discuss the school’s translation projects.

The Hampshire-based school wanted to reach potential new students in a host of international locations. It already had a number of international students, primarily from Hong Kong, so they decided to raise awareness and promote the school across a range of countries including; China, Romania, Thailand, Russia, and Ukraine.

With Intonation based less than 20 miles away from St John’s College, a meeting was held with Clare Young, Head of Marketing and Development at the co-educational day and boarding school.

The initial project was the translation of a leaflet on A-level courses and general information on St John’s College. Raising awareness of the school would encompass visiting each of these countries, so being equipped with professionally translated marketing resources was key to its success.

Since receiving the translations, St John’s has since experienced a steady increase of foreign student admissions.

Working with Intonation proved to be easy because they could meet to discuss the project. “Intonation made it very straightforward; they were happy to sit down and discuss our requirements face-to-face and they were extremely efficient, always delivering our translations before the deadline,” said Clare.

“The parents and education agents in other countries were impressed that we’ve had the translations done. Although they want their students to speak English, the parents and grandparents appreciate that the information is in their native language.

“In addition, the translations go hand in hand with our ethos. As a school that’s renowned for its pastoral care and friendly feel, the translations ensure that the information is understood by everyone,” Clare added.

Intonation’s customers are based nationally and internationally, but the advantage of working with St John’s was the location. Rachael Warburton, Intonation’s General Manager, said that it was great to be able to meet with the school and get a feel for what was needed.

Being local meant that having meetings worked out perfectly. The collaborative approach delivered fantastic results and we’re pleased that the translations have made such a difference to the school.