Website Localisation

Thanks to the Internet it’s now easier to reach more people than ever before and with website translation we can help you be seen and heard by customers from all over the world. 

By choosing to localise your website you’ll most likely increase your chances of being accepted in a new market or country. Localisation has proven to be a key factor for internal product acceptance and success. 

Did you know that 63% of consumers replied in a recent survey that they were more likely to buy from a website available in their own language? 

Websites are often the first point of contact for your company and if done right they can help you to establish credibility as a business. It’s more likely that potential customers will stay longer, look at more pages and take action more often on your site if you're speaking their lingo! 

At Intonation we have built partnerships with clients across the globe, that trust us to translate their websites. In addition to this we also provide updates directly into your own CMS, ensuring your website is up to date and reliable.  

  • We handle all file formats
  • Native speaking translators, with a minimum of five years’ experience
  • Web design service and support


Why choose Intonation?

Preparing for foreign language website translation involves more than word-for-word translation. You also need to plan your route to ensure that you are correctly targeting your audience and creating content they will find engaging. This is done by using the right tone and language.

Our translators look at all aspects of your site and take into account direct translation, cultural and regional differences. This ensures that all the content on your website is representative of your brand and the country it’s aimed at. 

When you choose to take a website global, you need to consider the localisation of your online e-commerce processes; such as product descriptions, payment methods and billing information. At Intonation we manage every aspect of your site, in whichever format you need us to.

We are able to work from different website file types, including HTML, XHTML, XML, XLF, JAVA, ASP and PHP. Once your website has been fully translated, we will send these files back to you, ready for you to upload to your site. 

To discuss your translation requirements further, call 0800 0966 825 or alternatively click below for a quote.

Website Localisation

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