Translation Services

At Intonation we provide professional translation services for each of our clients. 

We work hard to ensure clients’ work is well matched to one of Intonation’s experts, taking into account their mother-tongue language skills, qualifications and subject expertise. 

Our translation services have been trusted for over 35 years and have passed and gained many industry standards and accreditations. We work with over 2,000 translation professionals and only use qualified and competent freelance translators.

We truly are passionate about each of our translation services and the team shares a unique and friendly approach to business, ensuring that we go that extra mile when completing work for customers. 

View our range of translation services below.


What are language services?

Language services include, but are not limited to, translation, transcription and interpreting. Intonation has over 35 years’ experience providing language services to both national and international companies. Our services include: Translation Services Transcription Services Interpreting Services To see our other services click here.

What is a language service provider?

A language service provider is an individual or company, such as Intonation that delivers translation, transcription, interpreting and other services.

Why choose Intonation for language services?

Intonation offers a suite of different language services each back with a wealth of experience and award-winning knowledge and expertise. Each of our professionals regularly undergo testing to ensure complete competence in all language services. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to fully understand the language service required and provide a bespoke, confidential translation, interpreting or transcription service.

How does a translation service work?

If you’re new to working with a translation company, fully understanding the process will ensure you’re getting the most out of it. Visit our step-by-step guide to translation to follow the process of Intonation’s translation services.

What is the best translation method?

No matter the translation service you require, Intonation will work hard to ensure the best method is followed to ensure your translation is completed efficiently while meeting, sometimes tight, deadlines with no compromise on quality. Each of our translators have over five years’ experience in their particular field. Work is handled and dealt with by a translator with the right level of mother-tongue translation skills and subject expertise. Each translation completed by Intonation goes through a secondary proofing stage as standard before a final in-house quality and grammar check is completed.

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Click here to add notes or to select multiple languages or files. (Maximum file size: 10mb)