When it comes to proofreading documents, we have the experience and the attention to detail that you are looking for. At Intonation we employ experts both in English proofreading as well as foreign language texts. Not only can we proofread translations, but we can also proofread original foreign language copy and English documentation- ranging from patent applications to marketing materials and much more.

In an increasingly time-hungry world, spelling, punctuation and grammar seem to fall by the wayside, yet these are the foundations for any language and therefore must be correct. First impressions do indeed last, so it is vitally important to get them right. Public, medical or legal documents cannot risk mistakes or misinterpretation, it’s simply unacceptable. We can help you. Our proofreading service is made up of expert proof-readers that will ensure total clarity and accuracy for your documentation. In addition, our strict non-disclosure procedures mean complete confidentiality for all of your documents.

With over 35 years' experience, we take accuracy, confidentiality and value for money very seriously.

Why choose Intonation?

We are one of the world’s top translation companies with over 35 years’ experience in proofreading documents for multiple sectors. Our team of dedicated translators are located around the world and have been working with us to support our clients for many years.

We have multilingual translators that cover all subject areas and who have a wealth of experience in translating for a range of industries including Aerospace, IT, Defence, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Medical, Pharmaceutical and Legal.

  • English or foreign language proofreading service available
  • Member of the Association of Translation Companies
  • 35 years' experience

To discuss your proofreading requirements further, call 0800 0966 825 or alternatively click below for a quote.


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