A Day In the Life Of: A Translation Business Development Manager

Posted on 16 Oct 2018

Are you curious to know what a typical day looks like for a translation Business Development Manager? Teague Fullick joined the team last year to manage and oversee the development of our sales department. He is responsible for the company's growth plan, identifying new markets and creating systems to match client needs. He also helps to identify potential events and exhibitions that could provide the opportunity to generate new clients and additional revenue.

We asked him to walk us through a typical Tuesday....

07:30 - Wake up, stay in bed for a little bit reading the latest news. Once I'm feeling half human I jump in the shower, grab some breakfast and a cup of tea, check my emails and head off to work.
08:20 - Jump in the car, put on Radio X and sing along to Kasabian and Kings of Leon!
09:00 - Arrive at work and make another cup of tea. Once sat down at my desk I check my emails, sort quote chases to distribute between the sales team and call my quotes.
10:00 - Begin work on a large client project before meeting with the Managing Director to finalise the terms of the agreement. Liaise with the client to dot the I's and cross the T's, making sure all relevant departments are kept informed.
11:00 - Work through my call list, prioritising calls with key prospects first and deal with any incoming emails.
12:30 - Lunch time - head to Sainsbury's to buy lunch for the next few days.
01:00 - Call international prospects, as UK based prospects would most likely be on lunch and it would be 2 o'clock on the continent.
02:00 - Call large prospects, follow up with contacts from our latest sponsored event, this includes prospecting addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. Successful calls to be added to the system and prospects list. Follow up calls with emails.
04:00 - Begin writing up day in the life of Teague!
04:30 - Work on assignment for a Junior Management Consultant apprenticeship.
05:00 - Drive home, Radio X on and repeat this morning sing along!
05:45 - Get home, pack up swim shorts, towel and drinks and wait for my partner Jen go get home. When she returns we head out to the beach, enjoy a nice swim and stop for fish and chips on the way home.
07:30 - Home for a shower and catch up on the latest Corrie then settle in for the drama on Love Island
10:30 - Bed


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