Monthly article translations result in a good read for The World of Interiors magazine

The World of Interiors Case Study - Intonation

Recreating a magazine article in another language without losing the feel and flow takes skill, experience and translation expertise.

For Condé Nast’s The World of Interiors magazine, which has a readership of 152,000, having a professional translation company on hand is critical to ensure continued success with its English audience.

The World of Interiors is a leading design and decoration publication showcasing a variety of sumptuous houses and architectural projects. As many of the magazine’s stories are written in French, and occasionally Spanish, Intonation has been appointed to translate its content into English on a monthly basis.

Augusta Pownall, Editorial Manager and Inspiration Editor at The World of Interiors believes it’s important to work with a translation company you can rely on. She said: “Our stories are brought in from all over the world and most are commissioned in English, however we occasionally receive stories written in French and Spanish and that’s when we call on Intonation.

“We don’t tend to need things the next day but Intonation still get back to us quickly and always keep us posted on their progress.

“Intonation is great; the quality is always good and I can always rely on the company to produce this important part of our work.”

Intonation is proud to work alongside Conde Nast, carrying out translations for a variety of their publications including Ferrari Magazine, House & Garden and Baku – an art, fashion, culture and travel magazine with links to Azerbaijan.

When it comes to translating magazine articles, they require a very different approach to medical or technical documents, explains Dan Peachey, Intonation’s Managing Director.

We are delighted to be working with such a prestigious publication on an on-going monthly basis.

The features we are tasked with translating for World of Interiors require a ‘looser’ translation to usual, ensuring we recreate the flow and style of the source translation.

That’s why we use translators specialised in decoration and design, so we can ensure we have the right person for the job!

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