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What’s so different about Patent Translation?

What’s so different about Patent Translation?

4 Apr 2022

With businesses aspiring to succeed internationally the team here at Intonation are seeing a sharp rise in the demand for patent translation. But what makes patent translation different? Here in our latest blog, we’ll explore this and more about the importance of patent translation and what to look out for when seeking a translation agency.

There are a lot of technicalities and complexities around IP and patent-related documentation, so it’s important that translators working on patents are familiar with what these are in order to produce good-quality documents.

What is patent translation?

For all intent and purposes, patent translation is referred to as the translation of a patent document. This can include applications, claims, descriptions, drawings, patent litigation documents, etc. The end result should be a true and accurate translation of the original documentation.

How is patent translation different from other types of translation?

For a successful patent translation, the translator would need to be familiar with patent-specific terminology, expressions, and further requirements. Things like set phrases, sentence structure, and the various formatting requirements that must be adhered to when translating patents.

Even the slightest nuances in the language could be the crucial difference between a patent being accepted or rejected.

What should clients look for when sourcing a patent translation agency?

It’s essential to use an agency experienced in patent translation. Why I hear you might ask? There are specific QA processes that should always be implemented with patent translation, clients should seek out this level of detail when looking for an agency. In addition, an agency experienced in patent translation will have a well-established base of translators with a proven track record of patent translation expertise.

How does Intonation approach patent translation?

Unlike general translation providers, we select each individual specialist translator according not only to their expertise in patent language but also in the technical subject area of the patent itself. Whether it be medical, chemical, mechanical engineering, or pharmaceutical. At Intonation we ensure that the translator lined up for the job not only has the right technical background, but also understands the “language” of patents themselves.

Why should companies outsource, what are the benefits to them?

It’s essential to ensure an accurate translation done by an expert who’ll use the right terminology. This could determine whether a patent will be accepted or rejected. A specialised agency will have extensive experience in this area and you can be confident that your project will be delivered to the highest standard. Thanks for taking the time to read our latest blog. If you’re looking for more information on patent translations, download our patent translation brochure.