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Intonation’s Commercial Director Joins CEO Sleepout

Intonation’s Commercial Director Joins CEO Sleepout

14 Apr 2018

Intonation’s Commercial Director will be giving up his bed in April to join with other CEOs from the Portsmouth area to fight poverty and homelessness as part of CEO Sleepout, the national initiative which sees business leaders

Dan Peachey will, on Monday 16th April, join more than sixty senior level employees from a wide range of industries in spending the night outside at Fratton Park, home to Portsmouth FC.  Any money raised by the event will go to a number of good causes, including the Society of St James, a homelessness charity based in Hampshire, Pompey in the Community and CEO Sleepout.

Those taking part are encouraged to raise at least £1000 and Dan is extremely thankful for the support he has already received. “The CEO Sleepout is a real opportunity to raise money for and awareness of such vital services,” said Dan. “It’s important those of us in the world of business lead by example.  A night of mild discomfort doesn’t compare to what homeless people face on a daily basis.  Whatever we can do to help is so important.”

Sleeping out will be a new experience for Dan and he’s looking forward to the challenge if it means helping people in need.  “A night spent under the stars will be a completely new experience for me.  I’m privileged to be taking part in this amazing initiative which will help make Portsmouth a better and fairer place to live and work,” added Dan. “It’ll be a world away from running a translation and interpreting company but I’m definitely excited to contribute to the CEO Sleepout cause”.