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Focus on Patent Translation

Focus on Patent Translation

20 Feb 2018

Patent translation that’s tried, tested and trusted

Did you know that Intonation translated 15 million words of patent-related documentation in 2017? So it’s safe to say that when it comes to patent translation, we know what we’re doing – and that our clients, who return time and time again, are happy with what we deliver.

Patent translation is highly specialised. It’s a service that utilises our wealth of translating skills, experience and language know-how – just like standard translations. But because it has its own set of technicalities and complexities, translating patents requires knowledge of specific terminology. That’s why we only use highly-specialised experts.

What is patent translation?

Patent-related documentation can include patent claims, a description and drawings, or prior art or legal documentation relating to a patent dispute. When documentation needs to be converted into another language, this specialised task is called patent translation.

Translations can be required for a European Patent (EP) validation or for a World Intellectual Property (WIPO) application. At Intonation, we undertake a host of patent-related projects for patent attorneys, IP formalities professionals and law firms, ranging from renewals and validations to applications and specifications.

The perfect match

Whatever subject matter or topic that a patent project relates to, whether it’s mechanical, medical, chemical or pharmaceutical, Intonation has a threefold approach when it comes to selecting which of our translators is assigned to the project.

Our selection process is based on the specialist translator’s patent expertise, their mother tongue, which must be the same as the patent’s source language, and the translator’s expertise in the subject area that the patent covers.

Once, twice, three times

Precision is taken seriously with all of our translations but because patents are legal documents, there’s no room for error.

To ensure absolute accuracy, our translation process includes more than translation and proofreading; we’ve put a unique triple check procedure in place to provide our clients with a translated patent document that is word perfect every time.

Trusted and timely

Time is of the essence when it comes to filing patents. So our extensive in-house team works quickly and efficiently to meet our clients’ deadlines. Our clients are as varied as the patents we translate and include patent companies as well as in-house patent departments of large technical, manufacturing or engineering organisations.

But it’s not just clients in the patent world that call upon our translation expertise; many other translation agencies send their patent projects our way. Why do they do this? Because, as we’ve said, patent translation is highly specialised. It’s a world many translation agencies don’t understand and aren’t well versed enough to handle it. So they pass it on to us because they know we’re not only the experts at it, but they can trust us too.

So if you’re looking for competitive pricing, a thorough professional service and total accuracy for the translation of your patent documentation, then talk to Intonation today. Call us on 01329 828438 or email to find out why 15 million words can’t be wrong.