Step-By-Step Guide to the Translation Process

Whether you’ve worked with translators in the past or you’re considering using a translation company for the first time, understanding the process will help you get the most from it.

Here is our translation process in a nutshell.

Knowing what to expect and when will ensure you get the best possible outcome.

Translation Process Step 1

Step #1

Determine which languages you require for your translation project and identify the documents that require translation.

Translation Process Step 2

Step #2

Send the documents to Intonation, including any special instructions and the workflow you require. For example, whether you require proofreading and editing by a second translator, transcreation services or translation alone.

Translation Process Step 3

Step #3

Intonation will review your project requirements and provide you with all associated costs, timescales and key project milestones.

Translation Process Step 4

Step #4

Once you have approved the agreed schedule of works and signed off the associated costs, work will begin.

Translation Process Step 5

Step #5

Intonation will hand-pick the perfect translator for your project. At this point, they will take into account mother tongue translation skills and subject area expertise.

Translation Process Step 6

Step #6

Once the translation has been completed, the translator will complete a thorough review of the documentation. Depending on the workflow selected, the project documentation will be forwarded to a second translator for final proofing/editing or on to Intonation for final checks.

Translation Process Step 7

Step #7

An in-house quality check ensures everything is translated and that spelling, consistency, punctuation and formatting are correct. Only then is your documentation ready to return to you.

Translation Process Step 8

Step #8

When we are happy that your project meets all of our quality standards, we will supply it to you in the format requested – within timescales and ready for you to use with confidence.

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