Business Card Translation

If you’re in need of your business cards to be translated into a number of languages, you’ve come to the right place. We offer a complete business card translation service, which includes translation and typesetting to full printing solutions and design.

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Did you know?

A bilingual or multilingual business card is a gesture of courtesy and one that could make the difference between winning or losing a contract.

If your work takes you around the world, you should ensure that your business cards are translated into multiple languages as this will help you to portray a more professional image.

A professionally translated business card immediately creates the right impression. It shows that you have respect for the language and culture of the host country.

A business card in a different language is also essential to promote who you are, what you do and the company that you represent.

 Why choose Intonation?

Our hand-picked, native speaking translators are located across the globe and are carefully selected for each project to ensure that they are matched with the sector for which they hold extensive subject knowledge.

We also have a meticulous quality control process in place at every stage, from account management through to final proofreading to ensure accuracy. 

Intonation can supply you with business card translations in any file format requested.

  • Translation and Typesetting
  • Print service available
  • Translators with at least five years' experience in all languages

Languages such as Arabic, Japanese and Chinese are formatted in a completely different way to European languages; this is down to the way they are read. It is a far more complex process to typeset these languages and we can do this for you in an accurate and timely manner.

We also regularly translate business cards into Western languages so please contact us on 0800 0966 825 to find out more.


Business Card Translation

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