Investing in the Next Generation

Posted on 03 Feb 2019

Offering a flexible, yet structured training programme, today’s apprenticeships provide an effective way to grow talent and develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce.

With a variety of entry points available, apprenticeships ensure people of all levels, and ages, can excel in their chosen career, whilst ensuring employees are equipped with the crucial higher-level industry-specific skills required to aid business growth.

Here at Intonation, we have always believed in growing our talent by investing in the next generation and are proud to have helped many apprentices climb the translation career ladder.

Curious to know what an Intonation apprenticeship entails?  We'll let our team do the talking...

Name: William Mowlam
Job role: Senior Project Support
Age: 24
Number of years with Intonation: Three

You joined Intonation in an administration role and now hold a senior position within the company. Talk us through your typical day?

A typical day involves handling client invoices, assisting the accounts team, formatting documents and providing support to the Project Management team. I really enjoy having such a varied role as it’s busy and I never get bored!

How did you secure your apprenticeship and why did you decide to pursue a career in the translation industry?

As I studied science and maths at A-Level, I never imagined myself working in the language services industry.

However, after leaving college I was informed that Intonation was looking for an administration apprentice and as I thought the company sounded interesting, I decided to apply.

Your apprenticeship was for one year, what were some of the highlights and what new skills did you learn?

The most interesting part of my apprenticeship was working with clients in the patent industry – particularly those involving chemical and scientific patents, due to my previous studies.

Because my role has always involved a lot of document checking, I’ve also become very familiar with the language used in French and German patents. Due to this, I am now much more confident when trying to understand written French and German text outside of work and I have even started to begin learning a little Dutch and Danish.

Future career plans?

I’m hoping to continue developing new skills and eventually work my way up to a project management role within the company.

Name: Samuel Long
Job role: Project Support Lead
Age: 26
Number of years with Intonation: 4

You joined Intonation in an administration role and have worked your way up the career ladder. Tell us about the journey to your current position?  

I joined Intonation at the beginning of 2015 as an administration assistant, helping with data entry, data cleansing and invoicing.

After completing my apprenticeship I managed to rise up through the ranks to a senior admin role and then eventually Lead Project Support.

Today, I am part of the management team at Intonation and oversee the work of four staff in the Project Support team.  I also put quotes together for clients who have requested translation or interpreting services.

How did you secure your apprenticeship and why did you decide to pursue a career in the translation industry?

When I saw the Intonation apprenticeship advertised online, I was working as a duty manager in a supermarket and desperate for a change.

A friend who had become Intonation’s first apprentice had put a link to the job on his Facebook page and I applied for the position immediately. 

Your apprenticeship was for one year, what were some of the highlights and what new skills did you learn?

When I joined Intonation I didn’t speak any other languages and I am extremely thankful for the opportunities my apprenticeship has granted me.

Along with a new career path, my apprenticeship has also given me the chance to challenge myself, gain a qualification and hone my leadership, time management and communication skills.

During my time with Intonation I have also had the opportunity to travel with work and am part of the team responsible for Intonation’s exhibition strategy.

Future career plans?

I really enjoying working in a management role and enjoy helping my team to overcome obstacles, meet deadlines and reach their goals. I’m hoping to continue climbing the career ladder at Intonation and plan to explore further management opportunities.

Name: Andrew King
Job role: Project Support Admin Apprentice
Age: 23
Number of years with Intonation: Under 12 months

You joined Intonation as and administration assistant less than 12 months ago; tell us about your role?

My day-to-day role generally involves the formatting of documents ready to be translated, checking word counts so that we can provide clients with an accurate quote and carrying out admin tasks.

I also help with the final checking of document formatting before work goes back to our clients.

How did you secure your apprenticeship and why did you decide to pursue a career in the translation industry?

I studied Spanish at school and spent three years learning Japanese in my own time.

As I’ve always been interested in languages, I was keen to pursue a job that involved languages in some shape or form and thought an apprenticeship with Intonation would provide an interesting career change.

Would you recommend taking the apprenticeship route?

Yes, apprenticeships provide a great way to get on the career ladder and also allow you to gain some extra qualifications and experience at the same time.

Your apprenticeship was for one year, what were some of the highlights and what new skills did you learn?

I’ve learnt how to use a multitude of new programs, which has provided me with some great transferable skills and my time management and problem solving has also improved.

Future career plans?

I have my eye on interpreting or translation, from Japanese to English. I realise I’m a lot of study away from achieving that sort of level, but it’s great work for a company where that could one day become a possibility.


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