Legal Interpreting Service

What is Legal Interpreting?

Legal interpreting is the specialist provision of interpreting services for the legal industry.

This has to be carried out in a completely accurate and non-biased manner. This is incredibly important as it can lead to decisions being made that might directly affect the person who is being interpreted. In some cases, it can even alter the course of a court case. A court room interpreter will help legal proceedings to run smoothly by ensuring that the participant can be easily understood.

We provide court interpretersimmigration interpreters, medical interpreters and business interpreters for corporate and company legal matters and also offer all other types of interpreting including:

  • simultaneous interpreting
  • whispered interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting


Why choose Intonation?

At Intonation, our legal interpreters are provided by our specialist sister company City Legal Translations.  

At City Legal they’re familiar with the importance of using impartial, professional, legal interpreters. There interpreters are not just experts in their mother tongue, they’re also specialists in understanding cultural concerns, expressions and legal etiquette, which is important to be able to communicate efficiently during every unique assignment.

As always, our customers’ needs are our ultimate priority and as such our interpreters are all handpicked according to their individual skills and experience. This includes their spoken language, subject matter, country knowledge and location. We believe that these factors are essential in delivering a truly unique and quality service for our customers.

We also provide NRPSI (National Register of Public Service Interpreters) members upon request.  

  • Interpreters matched to your requirement by subject, language and location
  • NRPSI interpreters available
  • Network of qualified, fully experienced court interpreters

To discuss your interpretation requirements further, call 0800 0966 825 or alternatively click below for a quote.

Legal Interpreting Service

Other Interpreting Services

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