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And our survey says…

And our survey says…

25 Apr 2016

It’s usually us who come up with the words. But around this time of year our customers do the talking as they respond to our annual Customer Review. And we’re pleased to announce that once again the feedback is positive.

So how does it work? Every one of our customers is sent the survey which includes topics such as satisfaction with the overall service, what drives the decision to select a translation supplier, the quality of our translations and likely use of our services in the future.

Service satisfaction

We like to think that we provide high quality translation services every time – but it’s what our customers think that really matters. So we were pleased to discover that a resounding 100% of respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with ease of delivery. And 94% of customers were very satisfied or satisfied with our accuracy of terminology, style, formatting, overall presentation and technical competence. One customer noted that formatting could be improved, so our project team are on the case.

Keeping time

When we asked our customers what factors were important to them when selecting a supplier, 35.2% told us that on-time translations were number one; this is the same response to this question in last year’s survey. Technical ability, price and staff knowledge followed closely along with speed of response to quotes. We’re delighted that our punctual service is so highly valued and we’ll continue to ensure our time-keeping is spot on.

Money matters

Pricing is always an important issue, so it was great to find out that 88.9% of our customers feel our prices are competitive. This follows a similar theme to last year’s review where 100% of customers said the same. We were just short of a full house this year due to feedback from fellow translation agencies, which noted that other providers are more competitive. As a result we’re reviewing prices in this area and looking at some bespoke solutions for our agency clients- watch this space!

Customer communication

We were reassured to find out that we we’re good communicators. Most of our customers told us that our business development team kept in sufficient contact during the translation process and in general. A couple of customers would like to see more discussion around future projects, so our business development team are planning to increase their contact with these customers.

Every customer who responded said they’d work with us again and we received some great comments; here are just a few of them: ‘prompt efficient service’, ‘the overall service was fantastic’ and ‘excellent service’.

If you’ve got a translation project coming up, then please get in touch by calling 01329 828438 or emailing We’d love for you to become another one of our satisfied customers.